Welcome to Woolly Notions

I love wool!

I love the feel of it, that it comes in so many natural colours and textures, and I love the magical rainbow of colours it can be dyed.

Needle felt elf on mushroom
Needle felted elf leapfrogging over the fly agaric

I also love what you can do with it. It still amazes me that you can take a handful of fluffy fibres and turn them into anything you can imagine just by poking at them with a barbed needle.

Or that you can make beautiful fabric just using heat, soap and friction. Anyone who has accidentally put their favourite wool jersey through the washing machine might not be so impressed by that one 😉

So, Woolly Notions is all about the love of wool and the wonderful things you can do with it.

Having just taken three years away from my art to care for my grandmother I’m off to a pretty slow start. However, I will be updating the site at least once a week so please do keep checking back.

The ‘Woolly Notions’

Click on the images below to look at some of the characters I’ve made so far.

Crazy Cat Lady
The Crazies Collection
Needle Felted Wizard
The Wildwood Collection
Needle Felted Mermaid
The Deep Collection