A Hairy Tree Troll’s Tragedy

How Briar Came To Live Under A Tree

Needle Felted Hairy Tree Troll
Grumpy Tree Troll

Now, we may go on about Briar being a bit of an old grump, but he does have his reasons.

Once upon a time his lovely little house was in a prime location right beside the stream. He was the envy of many of The Wildwood’s creatures.

Just imagine the sunset sparkling on the water right outside his window, and the little fish popping up to say hello as he dipped his toes on his early morning walk.

Picture the beautiful carpet of lush green moss leading from his home to the water’s edge. A delight to the feet on a warm summer’s day.

Hornbeam would often see him sitting in a sun-puddle by his front door as he made his way through the woods.

He took great pride in inviting his friends round to enjoy his hospitality. In fact, he threw some of the best parties in the whole of the area. Little creatures came from far and wide to visit.

Disaster Strikes The Tree Troll

You see, he wasn’t always an old grump, but on the night of the big storm in The Wildwood, his home was almost completely destroyed.

His beautiful old tree was struck down by a huge gust of wind. The very roots were ripped from the ground and, with the loudest crash you ever heard, it fell across the stream and came to rest at a very odd angle indeed.

Luckily no one was injured, but his home will never be the same again.

Destroyed tree troll home
Oh dear, what a mess!

Many inhabitants of The Wildwood have offered him somewhere to stay until he finds a new tree but he simply refuses to move.

He’s managed to rearrange his furniture to fit the new angle of his home, but I’m sure it can’t be comfortable in there.

Not only is he living on a slope, but he has the stream lapping at his windows and door and, these days, everyone uses his tree as a bridge.

No wonder he’s grumpy. You and I would be too if we had the clatter of footsteps crossing our roof several times a day.

Hornbeam hopes to persuade him to move into the roundhouse with him.

I know we can find him a lovely tree somewhere but I’m sure he’d be more comfortable in the roundhouse while we look for somewhere new.