Step into The Wildwood – Where Magic Lives

Do You Believe In Magic?

in the wildwood
Walking in the Wildwood

Hail and well met, friend! The Wildwood welcomes you – but tread carefully, for there is magic everywhere.

The Wildwood is my way of exploring the beauty of nature through art and story.

Growing up in Zambia and South Africa I spent many hours enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty of the gardens and parks, game reserves, dams, rivers and beaches.

On moving to England I became fascinated by the ancient woodlands and the myths and legends of the land. My favourite word to describe England is magical.

We all need a little magic in our lives and connection with nature, either in person or the imagination, is a wonderful way to create it.

The Wildwood is a fictional place made up of several beautiful woodlands in the heart of rural England where I live.

There are many characters who live here:

Needle Felted Wizard
Hornbeam the Hermit

Hornbeam the Hermit, guardian of The Wildwood.

Hornbeam lives in the heart of the woods in a little roundhouse made from cob and thatch.

He spends his days pottering in his garden tending his fruit and vegetables.

By night he ventures into the darkness, guided by the moon and his small lantern for light.

He checks up on the little creatures of the woodland making sure they are all safe and well.

The Fae

Here in The Wildwood we often talk about the Fae. So, who are they?

Well, we also call them the ‘little people’, or the ‘friendly folk’, though not all of them are little and some are most definitely not friendly.

Here are a couple who have been seen darting among the trees just recently.

Fern the Flower Faerie

needle felted fairy
Fern with her baby

Fern is a flower faerie.

She recently had her first baby, a son called Linden, who’s resting happily in the bowl of  toadstool.

Fern has just made herself a headband from a grape hyacinth and now she is singing little Linden to sleep.

Soon he will be romping in the moss, testing his tiny wings and having wonderful adventures to share.

Eldur the Elf

needle felted elf
Eldur leapfrogging the fly agaric

Eldur is such a cheeky little thing.

He can’t sit still for a minute. I have no idea where he gets his energy.

Leapfrogging over the fly agaric is one of his favourite things to do.

Poor Hornbeam is forever chasing him out of the vegetable garden where he loves to hide among the carrot greens and climb the beanstalks.

The Tree Troll

Needle Felted tree troll
Briar the Tree Troll

Briar the Hairy Tree Troll is a solitary character who lives under the bridge over the stream.

He can be a little grumpy, but never fear – if you visit us in the woods, just tiptoe over the bridge and he’ll never know you’re here.

The Wildwood Collection

The Wildwood Collection is my way of indulging my passion for magic and the great outdoors.

One day I hope to fulfil a dream of purchasing a wooded area and creating a real Wildwood.

It will be a safe haven for the woodland creatures and a place for art workshops and retreats. Somewhere to forget your troubles for a while and learn to see the wonders that are all around you.

Will you come to visit? Who knows, you may even see the fae.

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