Surfleet Flower Festival

We had a great family day out doing woolly things at St Laurence Church in Surfleet today. It was my first time, but my parents have demonstrated spinning and weaving there for several years now.

Surfleet Church Flower Festival
Needle Felting at St Laurence Church

There were some stunning displays of flowers and the smell was lovely.

spinning demonstration
Mom demonstrating spinning.

My mom managed to get a spot right next to a lilac tree, one of my favourite spring scents.

It was only just coming into bloom though and unfortunately the smell didn’t quite make it across to where I was sitting.

Although it was the end of April, in true British style, it was absolutely freezing.

Mary, one of the organisers, kept us topped up with hot coffee throughout the day, which was lovely. We also had a delicious hot meal in the cafe at lunchtime.

Weaving demo
Dad demonstrating weaving on a 12 inch square pin loom.

Luckily the cold didn’t deter the visitors. Some of them came from as far afield as Devon, and it wasn’t their first year visiting.

I was amazed how many people came over to talk to me about felting. Many of them had never heard of needle felting and were quite fascinated by the process.

The children loved the faeries and the big wizard, Hornbeam the Hermit.

One gentleman came over to see what I was doing with a ‘ballpoint pen and a handful of fluff’.

He stayed and chatted for ages, watching me shape the face of the Crazy Cat Lady.

Judging by the number of people who said they would love to have a go I think I’ll have to organise a workshop or two.

Anyway, despite the cold, it was a great day at a well organised event and, if we’re invited back, I’ll definitely be there again next year.