The Crazies Collection

Okay, calling The Crazies a collection is a little bit premature as there’s only one piece in it at the moment. I do have big ideas for the future though.

First up it’s …

The Crazy Cat Lady

Needle felted figure
Edna, the crazy cat lady

Meet Miss Edna Horsepool, crazy cat lady extraordinaire.

Now, I have to confess that this was originally intended to be a companion piece for Hornbeam the Hermit from the Wildwood Collection.

However, the more I worked on her the more I got the vibe that she just wasn’t a ‘Wildwoodian’.

Anyway, I kept going, still not sure who she was, and Miss Horsepool is the result.

It actually came to me at silly o’clock in the morning that she should be the crazy cat lady and, once I knew that, I couldn’t wait to get started on the cats.

She has two cats at her feet and two kittens in her shopping bag. I’m sure she has many more at home too.

I’m tentatively planning The Crazy Greyhound Lady for this collection but I’m trying to shake the feeling that it will end up being some kind of badly caricatured self-portrait.

crazy greyhound lady
Crazy Greyhound Lady

Time will tell…