The Deep Collection

I’ve always had a great love for the ocean, well, any body of water really. I’d go diving in a roadside puddle if I could.

I learned to SCUBA and freedive, and I really wish I could spend more time beneath the surface. I’ve seen some amazing creatures down there, though I have to confess, none of them were mermaids.

Anyway, since I love the idea of them I decided to have a go at felting some.

Meet Coral

Needle Felted Mermaid
Coral – A work in progress

Coral (and her sidekick Stuart the Starfish) is a work in progress. She’s not the most beautiful mermaid who ever swam the seas, but she is kind of growing on me.

Coral Update

So, I decided I really couldn’t live with her face so I took her eyebrows and lashes off and re-felted them in the same tussah silk that I used for her hair. She’s also been added to a base board now, and Stuart has a face.

Still not my favourite piece, but I’ll live with her for a while before I decide to make any more changes. Here’s the ‘new look’ Coral.

Felted mermaid with starfish
Coral and Stuart


This is Marin. She’s sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean dreaming of being swept away by a handsome sailor – or maybe not.

She’s holding on to a seashell and gazing out across the sea. Perhaps the shell was a gift from a merman somewhere far far away.

Needle felted mermaid
Gazing out to sea
Needle felted mermaid
Marin – rear view










Future Plans

Also in The Deep Collection I’m planning to felt some marine mammals and some freedivers diving with marine wildlife.

Coral reefs are on my radar too, but I’m getting ahead of myself now. I think I need more hours in the day.